Volunteering at Project Bohol – The Background

This page is specifically created to document my experience working in the relief efforts in Bohol in Philippines as part of the Earthquake relief and how i ended up being a part of it.

First, to give a background for anyone who, somehow, is not aware of the situations in the Philippines. A 7.2 magnitude earthquake hit the island of Bohol on October 15th 2013. It was big enough to be felt all over Visayas, including Cebu. At the time it hit, i was in Vietnam, but i had been staying in Cebu just 3 weeks before it hit and had been in some of the areas now damaged or destroyed. On November 7th 2013, Philippines was hit by Typhoon Haiyan/Yolanda which destroyed large areas in Leyte, Samar and Northern cebu(amongst other areas).

I had planned to go back to to Philippines on November 13th anyway, i had arranged with a travel blogger from Philippines to visit Calaguas island along with a couch-surfing host from Poland living in Manila. The initial plan being, sit on an undeveloped island and forget the world exists. This is a great idea when the world is okay, but with the country hit with so much disaster and so many people with their lives torn apart, i could not in good conscience escape to an island and ignore, especially when i could help. The travel blogger was already in Bohol as part of the earthquake relief so i signed up and changed my plans to go to Bohol.

This is how i became involved in one of the most truly beautiful experiences of my life and this is the story.


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